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Are you a content creator or simply someone who loves all things hair, make up and skincare? We want to her from you...

We now offer an Affiliate Programme for you.

You now have the opportunity to become an Affiliate & promote your favourite Products AND earn money.

You can do this by creating content for your platform, talking about your favourite products on social media, giving your followers useful tips, sharing product reviews, sharing step-by-step demos & how to use/apply products.

We’re looking for people who are honest and passionate about the products on our site.

You will get exclusive discounts to share with your followers and depending on how well you perform you have the opportunity to earn a higher commission and receive some freebies!

Click HERE to sign up!


Applying to this programme does not mean you qualify for the Affiliate Programme. 

If your application has been successful a team member will contact you to complete the set up process. 



Do not use filters or photoshop images

Ensure backgrounds are clean & clear

Ensure the content is high res

Ensure lighting is excellent

Take Before & After images

Consistency in posting content is recommended



Not everyone will receive discount codes. This will be based on performance. 

Discount codes work on full price items only *exclusions apply to sale items, bundles & Gift Cards 

Discount codes must be used in Bio, posts & stories 

Always include a product list & mention what products were used

Include Swipe up links

Add #AF On all content 


FREE Product will not be given to everyone*‘ Those who qualify for a free product will be based on their performance

Affiliate Programme – How do I get paid

Affiliates will be paid monthly.

Affiliates have access to see how much commission they have earned through their dashboard.

The commission rate affiliates receive will vary & can be reduced during seasonal months. 

Affiliates will earn 5% commission through a referral link or discount code to start.

Commission starts at 5% with the opportunity to raise with performance. 

Cookie days refresh after 30 days, meaning if you do not hit the threshold it will start again. 

The payment threshold is £10


Joanne McIlhatton Beauty has permission to terminate Affiliate contracts at any time, without notice or reason. 

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