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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I'm always on the lookout for new things to try...any excuse really to say 'yep, I needed that for sure' or my newest phrase 'I'm trying it out for the salon'. With lockdown I don't know about you, but I have done a lot of impulse buying, so I thought I'd give you a nudge in the right direction...

So here is my top 5 Beauty must haves...

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

This is the holy grail of primers - I would say my skin likes to challenge me a lot by continuously changing and this product has been one thats worked with me the entire time. The main reason I adore this product, not only because it smells delicious, but from time to time below the surface of my skin would get lumps/bumps (I notice this mostly when I become lazy with my skincare and my diet is bad), and this leaves my skin perfectly smooth and ready for foundation. If you have already tried it you will know how amazing it is, I feel like it's a bit of an underdog in the world of primers.

RRP - £44.50

Get it here

SoSu by SJ Wonder Water

Gone are the days of white faces & brown bodies or worse, dirty faces. The industry is really coming through with facial tan at the minute and I love it. This one in particular is my favourite, I don't break out, I don't get black heads and the colour is beautiful. Think sun kissed skin and this is what you'll get with the Wonder water. It contains Vitamin E which provides your skin with some extra hydration. No make up day perfection.

RRP - £10.95

Get it here.


Does your shins never tan?

Does your chest stay white too?

Are you a klutz like me and walk into things daily and have bruises to show for it?

Do you have Veins that are a little too prominent for you?

Do you like a healthy glow that isn't glitter?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then I can assure you this is fantastic. I have used this for years now. Body blur can be applied on its own or over the top of tan for the perfect finish, blurring out any imperfections and giving your skin that summer glow. I use this for every night out/wedding/event, sometimes its just my hands and ankles that get tanned (we have all done this, right?) A little goes a long way, once you try you will be as obsessed as me. Body Blur comes in a few different shades but my two favourites is latte, for a medium tan and latte dark, for a dark tan.

RRP - £29.95

Get it here


I never really thought too much about ageing or using anti ageing products for that matter, despite the fact I knew I should have started earlier than I did. For anyone who doesn't know what Retinol is, it is Vitamin A - basically an all rounder ingredient. Benefits include reducing the signs of ageing (fine lines & wrinkles), fighting acne, stimulating collagen production, evening out the skin tone and increasing blood flow to the skin. My advice is if you have never used a product like this is to introduce it to your skin slowly. Down below you will see my own results with and without make up.

RRP - £61.50

Get it here

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

I used to be a die hard of another foundation, literally nothing else would do but I had to use it. My friends will be laughing at me now because I was adamant it was the best (and it is a really amazing foundation)...however for me, I was looking at photos thinking 'I am using one of the darkest shades, yet I still look like a ghost beside everyone'. I finally bit the bullet and tried a lot more brands and hurray I tried Huda. This foundation is not for everyone - This is a full coverage foundation with a matte finish, or as Huda says matte but never flat. It does not budge and is water resistant. My shade is Ameretti - I only use this when I go out as I'm normally barefaced any other time.

RRP - £33.00

Get it here

I hope this was helpful to some of you, I miss giving daily advice in the salon so this is the new me for now..

Stay safe everyone

Joanne xx

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